PortraitShowing your beautiful side

That is to promote your business, prospect jobs or clients or simply have a token souvenir of your loved one or of a special day, to portrait our clients on a meaningful, beautiful, sensible way is our business, and our passion since 2007.

Our portraits have personality, sometime rough edges; perhaps, you will have to look at them twice to be convinced. We have our ways and our style, who may vary with the moment's inspiration.
Nonetheless, we will listen to your ideas and wishes, and we will try our best to make them work.

We aim for truth, emotion and beauty.
Coming to us, soulful portraits is what you will get, because we do not do anything else.

BoudoirNo idea for Christmas gifts ?

Boudoir photography trend has become the rave of the moment; more women are using this form of art to express their sexuality without fear of being judged. Women are sexy, sensual and can be vixens if they choose to; this can be achieved via boudoir photography.

In Studio or in any location of your choice benefit from our long experience in the genre and let us capture your sexiest, more romantic best.

We privilege an open minded, structured sensible but well planned approach of the genre; to prepare the photo session we will talk with you about your expectations and come up with styling, mood and ambiance, this for the shoot to be the one of your or your partner's dreams.

[BOUDOIR] What takes this genre apart from glamour and art nude is that boudoir is more suggestive than explicit in its approach, usually features subjects who do not regularly model, most importantly, the images produced remain under the complete control of the subject and are primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partner.


Books & PortfolioValue added to your talent

A sensible portfolio can make the difference between being hired or not, being preselected for a casting or not, stand up from the crowd or not.

We privilege creative work on location, with a scenario and a personalized script that we develop for you and discuss with you. Natural sights, architectural and industrial landmark, museums, theaters. Life is out there... so is our playground. 

"Clean and lean" studio work, including standards views required by agencies, is also part of our services.

All our Portfolio work and projects are original, we do not make them twice, and you will not see them elsewhere.

Life, fashion or commercial model, performers, musicians, dancers... with an extensive experience working with the industry we can also advise you on what agencies generally look for in portfolio pictures and advise you accordingly.

We have active collaboration with talented professional stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser; we will organize their collaboration for your shooting if requested.


Workshops & short CoursesDiscover & Learn

“Natural Portraiture” 11.11.2017 | Atelier / Workshop: Portrait

Une introduction au portrait photographique.
Cette journée vous amènera à découvrir les différentes facettes du portrait, en intérieur et extérieur.
Composition, éclairage, technique et direction de modèle sont au programme.

Avertis ou débutants, les participants auront une belle occasion de découvrir ou de se perfectionner dans l’art du portrait.
Le petit nombre de participants admis (4) vous garanti un accompagnement et un support technique et artistique personnalisé tout au long de la journée.

Basé essentiellement sur la pratique et l’expérimentation, l’atelier vous proposera trois scènes et scénarios qu’animeront nos deux modèles, Kateryna et Olga.
L’ambiance variée des lieux choisis vous donnera l’occasion de pratiquer différentes formes de portrait et de vous confronter aux problèmes techniques et de composition courants dans ce domaine.

Programme détaillé et horaire >>

En français & anglais | six participant-e-s maximum | Chf. 200.00 par personne
Inscriptions (délai: vendredi 10 novembre) et renseignements apa@no3web.info ou par tél. 079 551 12 96

An introduction to portrait photography.
Composition, lighting, technique and direction of model are on the program.

Advanced or beginners, participants will have a great opportunity to discover or perfect their skills in portraiture.
The small number of admitted participants (4) guarantees you a support and a personalized technical and artistic support throughout the day.

Based mainly on practice and experimentation, the workshop will propose three scenes and scenarios that will animate our two models, Kateryna and Olga.
The varied atmosphere of the chosen places will give you the opportunity to practice different forms of portraiture and to be confronted with the technical and compositional problems that are common in this field.

Detailed program and schedule (in french, call or email for information in english)>>

Register before November 10th 2017

In French & English | four participants maximum | Chf. 200.00 per person
Registration and information apa@no3web.info or call 079 551 12 96

Workshops & short CoursesShare our passion, discover & Learn

16 times a year. Workshops are organized in Switzerland and abroad in NY city, London and St. Petersburg.

"Portrait" workshops are either an introduction to portrait photography or a master class according to the participants selected.
"Lingerie & Fashion" workshops" are master class only.
"Discovery" workshops are aimed to anybody willing to discover the many sides of portrait photography. Smart phone photographers welcome.

All workshops focus chiefly on model direction and relation, image composition, lighting and technique.
The workshops organized abroad are also an unique oportunity to shoot in spectacular, off the beaten path, location.

16 fois par an. Les ateliers sont organisés en Suisse et à l'étranger à New York, Londres et Saint-Pétersbourg.

Les ateliers "Portrait" sont soit une introduction à la photographie de portrait, soit une master class selon les participants sélectionnés.
Les ateliers "Lingerie & Mode" sont des cours magistraux uniquement.
Les ateliers "Découverte" s'adressent à tous ceux qui souhaitent découvrir les multiples facettes de la photographie de portrait. Smart phone photographes bienvenus!

Tous les ateliers portent principalement sur la direction et la relation avec le modèle, la composition de l'image, l'éclairage et la technique.
Les ateliers organisés à l'étranger sont également une occasion unique de faire de photos dans des lieux spectaculaires, hors des sentiers battus.

In French & English | three to six participants max.
Information apa@no3web.info or call 079 551 12 96

Studio No3 - Vevey Portrait photogrpahy

Photo Studio rentalAffordable & convenient

Located in the center of Vevey (5min. walk from the train station), the studio's shooting area is around 40sqm (ca 5.50m x 7.00m).

Its equipped with modern Elinchrome (3x500w) lighting and softboxes (litemotiv 120, Rotalux 70), reflectors, 40cm beauty dish and grid, white vinyl and color seamless paper backgrounds (2.70m width) and a few props. The studio has vintage hard wood floor and gets a very nice natural light mid-morning.

Includes a small separate area for prep work and clothes changes.
Kitchen and bathroom are in an adjacent common area on the same floor.

Rental price for the studio is Chf 60.00 per hour or Chf 400.00 for a full day (8h00 to 18h00).

Professional camera and lenses are also available to rent, price on request.

Call ++41(0)21 320 60 67 or email apa@no3web.info for more information.

Studio No3 - Vevey Portrait photogrpahy

Models & pro staffReliable & professional

We do have privileged working relation with several models in the Lake of Geneva area. They are punctual, reliable and beautiful. If you have a project that require a talent, we will organize their collaboration for you.

In relation with the studio rental, we can organize the collaboration of talented professional Make-up Artist and Hairdresser.

Contact us to know more apa@no3web.info

Pictured: make-up artist Caroline Rosat and model Ewa B.


Studio No³ Alexandre Pierre Albert, Rue de l'Union 15, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland
T. +41(0)21 320 60 67 - apa@no3web.info